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Digital Radiography

Quality radiographs (x-rays) are crucial in both human and veterinary medicine for diagnostic workups. X-rays are arguably even more important in the veterinary field, due to our pet's inability to verbally communicate with us. For this reason, Kinard Animal Hospital has invested in one of the most advanced digital x-ray systems available to serve the pet companions in the Greenwood, South Carolina area.

The digital radiography system at Kinard Animal Hospital has numerous advantages over older systems which require film and chemicals to produce images. First and very importantly, is the speed in which our unit can produce quality x-rays. We can have digital radiographs of a pet in less than one minute, meaning treatment can begin immediately if necessary. Older systems require as much as 15-20 minutes developing an image, wasting valuable time for a pet. Another distinct advantage of our hospital's x-ray unit is the clarity and ability to manipulate the radiograph; antiquated chemical systems are unable to produce the same quality image, meaning retakes occur more often, wasting more valuable time. Our digital computer can also email a particularly severe case to a board-certified veterinary radiologist for review, which cannot be done with film. Finally, our digital radiography system is considered a green technology, as it requires no chemicals.

What are some issues that can be diagnosed using a digital x-ray?

Bone fractures are commonly assessed using our digital x-ray, but our veterinarians also use it as a diagnostic tool to aid the following:

  • Identify enlarged organs
  • Locate foreign objects
  • Diagnose pneumonia
  • Examine tumors

In the event that your pet needs an x-ray You can trust the experience of the veterinarians and the state-of-the-art equipment at Kinard Animal Hospital to bring the best care available to your pet companion.