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Laser Therapy

The veterinarians at Kinard Animal Hospital constantly strive to offer the safest and latest innovations in veterinary medicine, and our new therapy laser meets both of these criteria! Laser therapy is a painless and drug-free tool that successfully treats many common conditions seen at our clinic.

Laser light has been successfully used in both human and veterinary medicine for many years. The therapy laser at Kinard Animal Hospital emits light energy which is absorbed in the tissue and cells of pet. When cells are stimulated using laser energy, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is produced, which aids in the rebuilding of healthy cells.

What issues can be treated with a therapy laser?

Fortunately, there are many applications and conditions which can be positively affected using the therapy laser at Kinard Animal Hospital. Cuts and abrasions can heal much faster when laser light is applied; pain associated with osteoarthritis and other age-related pain can be relieved; fractures can heal faster using laser light, and certain neurological conditions can be treated with a therapy laser.

If your pet is suffering from a painful condition and you would like to know if a therapy laser may be right for your pet, please contact our clinic for a consultation. One of our staff members will be happy to assist you.